Nikon D3200

Nikon D3200 Specs Revealed

Nikon ushered in a new addition to its DSLR range yesterday with the D3200,which will be available from mid-May. With 24.2-megapixels, more than any other camera in the consumer range, it slots in rather nicely, and some of the features are looking quite interesting.

It may not have made as big a news splash as the D4, but it could be a big step for those just starting out in photography or the casual snapper – someone who wants to capture family life and events with ease. The HD video function that Nikon have been rolling out in all of their new cameras is here too, perfect for kids’ birthday parties and recording those cringeworthy moments to send to You’ve Been Framed, or even making your cat a star on YouTube. The Guide Mode feature acts as an in-camera tutor taking you through all the steps of getting the most out of the camera, something that will undoubtedly be a great help to first-time DSLR users.

The wireless mode for me is one of the most exciting features: using a wireless mobile adapter, you can send images from your camera to your smart phone or tablet, or even use your device as a remote control for the camera. Although this is currently only supported by Android phones, it sounds like a great new way to combine technologies and could be a very handy instant blogging tool.

It is also available in a striking red colour, which is sure to turn heads. Digital cameras seem to be moving away from the era of plain, blocky black bodies – with colourful paint jobs cropping up around the market on an increasingly regular basis, we could soon be looking at a market where your camera bodywork is as interchangeable as your laptop skin. That’s certainly something I’d be interested in seeing!

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