Nostalgia Time: Sega Mega Drive 25th Birthday

Sega Mega Drive

The Sega Mega Drive is a fourth-generation video gaming system produced and manufactured by Sega, initially launched in Japan in 1988; the following year the 16-bit beast was released within the United States as Sega Genesis. Within most of Europe, Australia along with other PAL regions the Mega Drive was released under it’s origina...


MApp solves the indoor maps problem


Imagine you are out for a spot of weekend shopping at the local mall, enjoying the sales and aimlessly browsing through the DVDs and video games at the entertainment store when suddenly hunger strikes. We’ve all been in this situation before. You realise that you haven’t eaten in quite some time and decide to grab […]


iPhone 5s to be released next month?

iPhone 5S

All the usual rumours from the tech world are circulating, and more and more talk of a supposed iPhone 5s is being had. There was a incredible amount of hype leading up to the iPhone 5’s release, I even remember reading theories this time last year that it would have a holographic projector, biometric security, […]


Crome’s Fitness Tips: Vol. 1

James Crome Running

With summer here and in full swing its time to make sure we’re in the best shape we can be. Every so often I’m going to bring you ‘Crome’s Training Tips’. Being a runner I’m quite big on fitness at the moment and have been participating in local events, races and mud runs across the […]


The Rolling Stones rock Glastonbury like never before

The Rolling Stones at Glastonbury 2013

43 years since the festival began with humble beginnings and a place for 70’s hippies to rock out was born. Glastonbury has never been set so alight as four men took to the stage on Saturday 29th June and brought 100,000 festival goers young and old to their knees. The Rolling Stones have just celebrated […]


Wimbledon: Could a Brit finally win again?

Andy Murray

Could Great Britain finally win a Wimbledon tournament? It has been 77 years since a British male singles tennis player lifted the grand slam trophy on home soil, but this could be our year! Fred Perry way back in 1936, he beat Gottfried Von Cramm in straight sets, to incidentally win his third successive Wimbledon […]


Is iPod becoming irrelevant?

iPod Touch

I recently found myself in need of some quick cash, and as a result came into the possession of the latest iPod Touch for the purpose of resale. Nothing dodgy, trust me! The whole experience got me thinking though… Are iPods and other dedicated music players becoming irrelevant? At one point owning such a device […]


Hi-Tech Sport: London 10k run to be streamed on YouTube

10km Run - London, UK

Self proclaimed as the worlds greatest road race route, The British London 10k run is set to get underway at 09:35 on 14th July 2013, and in spite of the hundreds people this is likely to affect traffic wise, I for one am going to be running in it. Having done a few road runs this […]


Wimbledon 2013: Nadal shock round 1 exit

Rafael Nadal - Wimbledon 2013

Rafael Nadal plummeted out of Wimbledon in day 1 of the legendary and world famous grand slam tennis tournament. It was questionable whether or not the two time former Wimbledon champion was going to take part in this year’s Wimbledon tournament at all after a lengthy spell out of the sport with a knee injury. […]


Nerdscoop: Now with better printing support

Nerdscoop Printing

Paper fans rejoice! We have gone into the magical code for our website and pulled a minor miracle out of the bag… Okay, so maybe that’s an over exaggeration but I am proud to announce that from today onwards you will be able to print our articles in a correctly formatted way. The vast majority […]


iTunes Festival 2013 is here!

iTunes Festival

iTunes Festival is back for 2013, this time September is the month that’s playing host to a free concert every night for 30 days. That’s 30 shows with 30 headlining acts and 30 supporting artists. All you have to do is enter your email address (or as many email addresses as you have) to be […]


James Gandolfini sleeps with the fishes

James Gandolfini

It is with great sadness that I must reveal the death of New Jersey born Hollywood actor James Gandolfini. James, best known for his role as mob boss in need of therapy – Tony Soprano – in the hit HBO television series The Sopranos (for which he won three Emmy awards) was holidaying in Rome, […]


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