Intrepid Izzy Dreamcast

Intrepid Izzy Dreamcast Demo Now Available

Only a mere 24 hours ago we brought you our interview with Roel van Mastbergen, head honcho of Senile Team. We learned a lot from the experience, but we were left wondering when we’d get to play this beautiful game.

Wonder no more however, because an early “Kickstarter Demo” has just been made available on the official Intrepid Izzy website!

Download Izzy

You’ll need access to a CD burner and the relevant tools, but if you’re familiar with Dreamcast homebrew this process will be a breeze. If not then see here for instructions.

Intrepid Izzy Dreamcast Demo

It goes without saying we’ve already played through the demo a number of times and are definitely left wanting more.

Don’t forget there are still a couple of days left on the Kickstarter if you’d like to get in on the sweet rewards before its too late!

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