The Amazing Spider-Man

Even Spider-Man is a Spider-Man Fan

It was revealed in an interview earlier today with the Los Angeles Times that Andrew Garfield, the new Amazing Spider-Man, is thinking about buying one of the costumes he wore on set in order to film the up and coming movie.

He spoke with an obvious pride in his role when he described the costume, recalling the first time that he wore it and saying that “the moment before was pure bliss and then it was awkward, actually, to get it on and especially to wear”. It is nice to know that he is a real fan of the character, though it seems a bit strange that he wants to keep something that he specifically describes as not great for the actual use it is intended for… but then again perhaps there are other motives behind his desire to buy it.

Considering that the cost price is $20,000 it would set him back quite a bit, but apparently that is all part of the plan: “It’s an investment,” he claims jokingly, “so that when I’m broke — after they fire me from the second ‘Spider-Man’ movie — I’ll be able to sell it to fund my heroin habit.” Well, it is certainly good to see someone with a sense of humour and a realistic view of the current Hollywood recurring star turnover.

If anything, I for one am slightly disappointed at the idea that he does not get to keep at least one version of the costume anyway. It all seems a bit pointless, does it not? You get cast as Spider-Man and all you have to show for it is a lot of running around in front of a green screen and a costume that you had to shell out for yourself. What is this consumer driven world coming to?

Rhiannon D'Averc

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