The Hobbit Preview

Hobbit Previews at ComicCon

The eagerly awaited Lord of the Rings prequel, The Hobbit, was met with a large amount of criticism last time Peter Jackson allowed any clips to be shown, back in April at CinemaCon. Now at ComicCon fans have been allowed a twelve minute glimpse of some more scenes, and the cheers were loud – but there was one key difference between the two occasions. This time the preview clip was shown in 2D, and at the normal rate of 24fps, rather than the controversial 48 fps that the film was showed in last time. Is Jackson starting to regret his decision?

He told the audience during a panel discussion on Saturday that he feels the format makes sense when viewing the full film, but for short clips it is better to just stick to a more normal way of viewing things. It is entirely possible that this was the genuine reason behind the choice, but the money behind this production must be starting to feel a bit antsy. If the 48 fps 3D version does not go down well, a rather large investment will have been lost – though with so much buzz about the movie already generated by these kinds of concerns, it seems certain that there will be a big opening weekend and probably a long box office run, no matter what critical opinion may make of it.

At ComicCon, David Germain of the Associated Press reported that “If reaction to The Hobbit footage at Comic-Con is any indication, Peter Jackson has another couple of blockbusters on his hands. The crowd … went wild”, while another journalist there remarked that “If the audience reaction to the films’ footage is any indication, Jackson might want to start preparing another Oscar speech”. The event is inching ever closer, with reviews for The Dark Knight Rises already pouring in to meet the high expectations of the fans who have been waiting for it.

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