MApp solves the indoor maps problem

Imagine you are out for a spot of weekend shopping at the local mall, enjoying the sales and aimlessly browsing through the DVDs and video games at the entertainment store when suddenly hunger strikes. We’ve all been in this situation before. You realise that you haven’t eaten in quite some time and decide to grab a quick bite at Burger King… But where IS the luscious beef goodness?

MAppThe mall’s store finder isn’t particularly useful at the best of times (assuming they even have one, which is a rarity in itself) and you really don’t want to bring yourself to asking a bunch of people.

That’s where MApp comes in to save the day. We were given access to an early beta of the product several months ago, and our overall impressions back then were good but I decided to lay off on a proper announcement until the guys at MAppator shipped the first stable release. That day has come, and I have certainly put the little iPhone app through a gruelling set of tasks to ensure absolute perfection.

Test 1: Find Burger King

I was out with a few friends in a fairly alien area to me, that being the Hatfield Galleria. After a short while of browsing through the T-Shirts in HMV we decided to get some lunch, and sure enough Burger King was decided as the venue of choice. Not surprisingly, the Galleria has absolutely appealing internal signage and zero maps or guide available, something which is an all too familiar problem with these shopping centres. Everyone is assumed to have infinite knowledge, I suppose.

This is where I got to put MApp to the ultimate test; the spot check. Out comes the iPhone, tap on the MApp icon and within 2 seconds I am greeted with the nearly attractions; sure enough, The Galleria is one of them. Tapping again on the location brought up a fully featured map of the building and within a few moments I knew exactly where to vanquish my hunger.

Test 2: Intu Watford

Yes, another shopping mall. What can I say? MApp really shines in this environment. It has been a long time since I visited the Watford Harlequin, so long in fact that I wasn’t quite sure where it was. Luckily for me MApp has a search feature which, much like the automatic location mode, works wonderfully well. I was several miles away at the time, so using “nearest to you” wasn’t going to cut it so the search was busted out.

Now, unbeknownst to me the Harlequin recently changed it’s name to “Intu Watford” but MApp still returned the place I was searching for without missing a beat; I am told this is because all locations have several alternative names stored within the database, in addition to text labels in the maps themselves aiding in providing the best result.

The Final Word on MApp

So there you have it, for finding your way around INSIDE the only real option is to use indoor maps, and MApp does exactly as it says on the tin. It should be noted that only locations within the UK are supported at the time of writing, but I am told this is set to change in the near future.

Interested in giving MApp a shot? Apple iPhone and iPad users can download from the App Store for free. You can hardly argue with the price, if nothing else!

Daniel Crocker

Daniel is the founder and head of development for the Nerdscoop website.

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