Baltic Millennium Falcon

Millennium Falcon Found In Real Life

In what is probably the coolest marine-based story the nerd news team have ever seen, a diving company from Sweden have identified what appears to be a 197 foot wide cylindrical object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, somewhere between Finland and Sweden.

Baltic Millennium FalconOcean Explorer discovered the object, which bears an uncanny similarity to the most awesome ship in the world, the Millennium Falcon, whilst searching for sunken treasure. Well, they always say the events of Star Wars occurred a long, long time ago; perhaps the craft was dumped in the ocean after many years of good service? The only hole in that theory is the second constant from the Star Wars universe, this being that the story of Luke and friends happened in a galaxy far, far away. Could the ship travel that far?

The object is said to have left a long gouge in the seabed, giving the impression that it had crash landed there quite some time ago. It’s all adding up!

The team responsible for this find of epic proportions is currently waiting for the weather to improve before taking a closer look, and say that we will have to wait until spring at the earliest before we know any more.

In case you were wondering how the image [above] was taken, Ocean Explorer employed a very intriguing imaging technique which uses the power of sonar to take an accurate picture using nothing but sound. Think back to those old submarine movies, where you would see blips on radar representing other ships; now imagine that technology enhanced a thousand times. This is amazing stuff indeed.

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