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Josh Trank To Direct Fantastic Four Reboot

It has been reported via various film news outlets that 20th Century Fox has it’s eyes on Chronicle director Josh Trank as a primary candidate for the controversial reboot of Fantastic Four. The studio is allegedly waiting to see how well Chronicle, his directorial debut, opens this weekend before officially putting their cards on the table.

As seems to be a very common trend in recent years, Chronicle is a “found footage” documentary following an extraordinary group of high school friends with super powers. I personally cannot help but draw comparisons to the likes of X-Men and Heroes, but this superhero-themed thriller has been generating a respectable level of buzz within the film world recently, and the inside word suggests that 20th Century Fox is looking at a possible hit if all goes well. Of course, fans of this genre are often fickle individuals (myself included) so that is currently up for debate, meaning we will just have to wait until opening weekend before anything is concrete.

Fantastic Four is currently slated for a 2013 theatrical release, though this seems like a distant goal for a studio who hasn’t yet even completed the script. Michael Green (Green Lantern) is due to hand over his final draft to this latest overhaul of the 2005 superhero outing, this time featuring an entirely new cast and (hopefully) a much better story.

This isn’t the only remake that 20th Century Fox are working on; not at all. In fact, Daredevil is also slated to receive the reboot treatment in the near future, and one can’t forget about the highly anticipated X-Men spin-off Deadpool either. All the time 20th Century Fox owns these Marvel properties, we can expect to see endless remakes it would seem, though that is hardly a new concept in the comic book movie world. Interestingly, for those who care about these details, 20th Century Fox actually own these rights perpetually (forever) providing they release a film based on them once every five years, just like with Sony and the Spiderman franchise.

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