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Cannes 2012: Week One

It has been a week since we featured reports coming from the first day of the prestigious Cannes film festival, and it is time to bring you up to date on the news highlights we have heard since then.

Ken Loach’s new film ‘The Angel’s Share’ premièred yesterday in front of the Palme d’Or judges – a prize Loach won in 2006 for ‘The Wind that Shakes the Barley’ – and it seems that the organisers have learned from their eleven previous experiences with the director. The film, telling the story of four Glaswegian criminals who concoct a dastardly plan whilst on community service, was shown with English subtitles in order to aid the audience’s comprehension of the actors’ thick accents.

The favourite so far is reportedly Michael Haneke’s ‘Amour’, a film that follows an elderly French couple as he cares for her and she slowly declines into dementia and death. A standing ovation after the showing lasted for seven minutes, with praise showering down from critics after a rainy weekend. Meanwhile, Marion Cotillard has drawn rave reviews for her performance in Jacques Audiard’s ‘Rust and Bone’, a love story that follows a whale trainer who lost her legs as she falls for a troubled reluctant father.

Good reviews have also gone to Brad Pitt’s new role in Andrew Dominik’s ‘Killing them Softly’, a gangster flick with a morale for modern society. David Cronenberg’s son, Brandon, premièred his ‘Antiviral’ to split views, with some calling it tiresome and others inventive. The “weird news” story of the week goes to the report that Kelly Brook was offered one million Euros to spend the night with an eccentric businessman, known only as Frederic, whilst promoting Keith Lemon’s latest film at Cannes this week. She turned it down, going on to appear at a photocall with Lemon in promotion of the movie (though their antics seemed somewhat tame in relation to the stunts Sacha Baron Cohen has already been pulling).

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