Pokémon Black & White 2

New Pokémon titles coming for DS

New versions of two popular Pokemon games will be released for Nintendo DS on October 12th this year for UK players, with the traditional double release that characterises all Pokemon events. Black 2 and White 2 will be the colours this time around, and while it might seem a little disappointing that they have not bothered to find a new spectrum this does mean that there will be some continuation from the last games.

Pokémon Black & White 2There will also be a downloadable game available in the Nintendo eShop called Pokemon Dream Radar, which will allow rare Pokemon to be found using the 3DS cameras and will then transfer them into the Black or White games, according to your choice. The storyline picks up two years after the previous releases, and also features some previous characters.

Bianca stars as the new assistant to Professor Juniper in helping her with her research, and Cheren is now a gym leader and school teacher in Aspertia City. Although it is set in the Unova region you will be able to catch Pokemon from outside of the area as soon as the game starts, allowing you to get right into the action straight away.

Of course, nothing is ever easy – you will have to start from scratch just like always, and there is no guarantee that you will be able to catch them all no matter how hard you try! There are new areas to explore with this release, as well as changes to places that you will recognise that will make game play more interesting.

Just to make things a little easier for you, you will be able to download a Pokedex 3D Pro in the autumn as well that lists every single Pokemon ever released during the game series. You will also get detailed information on all of them, making this an upgrade from the currently available Pokedex 3D.

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