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Spider-Man Bigger Than The Avengers?

It has only been a short space of time since The Avengers Assemble proved that comic book nerds are becoming the mainstream by claiming the biggest opening weekend box office profits of all time. Now it seems that we may already be witnessing a challenger to that title, as early reports for the newest Spider-Man reboot are looking pretty good.

The film, directed by Marc Webb and starring Andrew Garfield in the leading role, opened in certain Asian and European markets this weekend to the tune of many cash registers ringing. Korean ticket sales were 10% higher than the Avengers’ flick had seen, while 84% of all cinema-goers in Japan this weekend were opting for Spidey. Amazingly, the Indian market saw the highest Hollywood opening ever – at more than double the LIFETIME box office sales of The Dark Knight, previously hailed as one of the greatest blockbusters ever released. Similar success were achieved in the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

In the European market, Germany had the most screens open with 755, while Austria, Holland, and Switzerland all also saw good opening figures. Now that the Euro 2012 matches are over, it is expected that cinema attendance will pick up across Europe, just in time for the opening in the countries that were most affected. Of course the UK and US launches are the ones that we are really waiting for to show us whether the predictions are going to be right – and if they are, this could be a phenomenal launch and a coup for the studios. With records constantly being broken (remember that the previous number one before Avengers came along was Twilight, a very recent offering), it remains to be seen still whether anything can conquer the worldwide all time box office claim owned by Avatar, with Titanic still in second place.

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