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Is iPod becoming irrelevant?

I recently found myself in need of some extra cash for my summer holiday, and as luck would have it came into the possession of the latest iPod Touch. Nothing dodgy, trust me! The whole experience got me thinking though… Are iPods and other dedicated music players becoming irrelevant? At one point owning such a device was seen as a luxury, now it just seems a bit redundant.

A few short years ago the iPod was seemingly the greatest invention since the wheel (or sliced bread, depending on who you ask); these little jukeboxes were undeniably a smash hit when they hit the tech market. Now that there are far better portable devices out there, how does the iPod stack up in a world of constantly connected Spotify and infinite cloud storage?

Well, in short, they don’t.

I’ve been an avid iPhone user for over 5 years now (admittedly mine is a 4 which is getting a bit old now, but still a fantastic piece of kit) and I can honestly say it does everything an iPod Touch can do but with the added bonus of being… Wait for it… A phone. So with the iPhone being one of THE best selling mobiles on the planet, how is it that iPods and other music players are still on the market?

The particular device I sold was an iPod Touch 5th generation sporting 32gb of storage space, with the look and build of an iPhone 5 and nearly identical specs. No calls, though!

With the pricing structure and specification of these similar devices converging over time, one has to wonder if they both have a future in the same way we think of today.

What do you think? As an iPhone user, my opinion may be skewed by the ease and elegance of the iTunes experience. Perhaps Android is an entirely different beast when it comes to music? How about Windows Phone and Blackberry users? Do they still want a piece of the Apple pie?

Daniel Crocker

Daniel is the founder and head of development for the Nerdscoop website.

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