iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s to be released next month?

All the usual rumours from the tech world are circulating, and more and more talk of a supposed iPhone 5s is being had. There was a incredible amount of hype leading up to the iPhone 5’s release, I even remember reading theories this time last year that it would have a holographic projector, biometric security, and be an overall impossibly space-age phone. Alas it was merely a trimmer, higher resolution, and better camera iPhone 4S. Nothing too ground-breaking.

iPhone 5s

As nice as I think the 5 looks and performs, Apple’s share of the market has been slowly-but-surely dwindling in the face of competitors utilising the Android and Windows Phone operating systems. Such big guns such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Blackberry Z10, the HTC One, and of course the Sony Xperia Z are beginning to take over and Apple are likely feeling the pressure to upgrade the iPhone 5 and reclaim their hard earned throne of best phone in the world.

Truth or Lie?

Rumours claim that full production for the iPhone 5s has already begun and early developments may well have been under Steve Jobs’ watchful eye, with such alleged key features as a fingerprint scanner, wider 4G spectrum support, and of course a new faster processor.

Personally, having seen many hundreds of these rumours over the last six months, there are certainly some aspects which I can see proving true. Fingerprint readers are nothing new, and providing Apple can get the software right I don’t see any reason why they can’t cram something under the home button for example. As for the speed boost, that is also pretty much a given at this stage, but how much faster we can expect the 5s to perform is anybody’s guess; we’re seeing great advances by ARM and Intel within the market so I wouldn’t be surprised to see as much as a doubling in raw processing power.

I doubt the design will change much, but we already know iOS 7 is on the way (which I have now had some limited experience with) so possible colour and/or construction material changes could well be on the cards. I for one wouldn’t be opposed to going back to the 1997-era Apple with their colourful iMacs! Plus, who can forget the entire non-touch iPod range… Who wouldn’t want an iPhone like that!

Hard and Soft

As for software, other than tighter iOS / Mac OS integration I wouldn’t except much to change but here’s hoping the higher resolution will mean the millions of non-mobile-optimized websites will be a bit more usable; here’s a good example of what I’m talking about. That’s still a major bone of contention for me to this day.

Will there even be an iPhone 5s? Perhaps they will jump straight to the iPhone 6? Only time will tell, but for now keep your eyes and ears peeled as things are about to get interesting!

Daniel Crocker

Daniel is the founder and head of development for the Nerdscoop website.

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