Postman Pat Movie

Postman Pat Movie Announced

Could every child’s favourite postal worker finally be coming to the big screen? If a recent addition to online film website IMDB is any clue Postman Pat will be gracing theatres with the interestingly titled “You Know You’re the One” sometime in November 2013, no doubt invoking deep feelings of nostalgia across the country. Although initial details are very sparse, the plot of Postman Pat: The Movie is rumoured to revolve around the veteran postman entering a TV talent show competition.

Names currently attached to this feature length outing include Harry Potter star Rupert Grint, Doctor Who legend David Tennant, and long-serving British favourite Jim Broadbent. The film will almost certainly be presented in an animated format, but whether CGI or a more traditional stop-motion approach will be used remains to be seen. As a huge fan of the original TV classic in my youthful days I will personally be keeping a very keen eye on this intriguing project.

Daniel Crocker

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