Schwarzenegger Zombie Film

Hasta La Vista, Zombie!.. Schwarzenegger to star in ‘zombie holocaust’ movie

Legendary veteran action star Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed on to produce and star in ‘Maggie’, a thriller in which he plays a father living through a zombie holocaust, where the undead are slowly taking over.

Realising his daughter has become infected he decides to put a stop to their siege. Having Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the movies was already a great thing, but having him ‘Terminate’ some zombies was something I never thought I’d be lucky enough to witness. Picture The Terminator meets Resident Evil; this film sounds like a brilliant idea!

A script is ready, written by John Scott III and Henry Hobson will direct the film, production is to get under-way in autumn before Schwarzenegger starts work on The Expendables 3 which is yet another great thing. I for one am very much looking forward to seeing Schwarzenegger kick some zombie butt; this’ll definitely be one for the old-school film nerds!

Since stepping back into the movie world after a length of absence as ‘The Governator’ (governor of California) Schwarzenegger has appeared in The Expendables 2 and The Last Stand, the latter meeting with low box office results, but he was and always will be a fan favourite and has a few movies in the pipeline. Watch this space.

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