Sega Saturn

Sega Saturn: Coming To An Xbox 360 Near You

Released by Sega in Europe during the early part of 1995, the Sega Saturn was a 32-bit video game console from the so-called fifth generation of video game hardware. Originally released in 22nd November 1994 to the Japanese market, the Saturn was discontinued less than four years later in 1998 as a result of poor sales figures.

The ill-fated Sega Saturn sold only 17 million units throughout the world, and its user base was a mere 1.6 million in the United States by the time it was discontinued in 1998. The system enjoyed a more significant success in Japan however, with an estimated 7 million units in use at the same point in time. Despite the huge popularity of Sega Saturn in Japan, the console did not obtain a comparable share of the market in Europe and North America, instead losing out to Nintendo’s N64 and Sony’s PlayStation consoles. Despite this crushing defeat there were 276 games released during Sega Saturn’s availability, many of which are considered classics amidst the majority of serious video game fans.

Gems such as the arcade classic Sega Rally Championship, Sonic Jam, and the Virtua Fighter series are to this day heralded as being amongst some of the best of all time; a viewpoint which is shared by Sega themselves, who are currently planning on re-releasing a number of these for the Microsoft Xbox 360 console.

Were you lucky enough to own or play a Sega Saturn? Which games would you like to see make a resurgence in modern times?

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