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Highly Credible Xbox 720 Leaks Surface

It looks like those hard working sneak peek leakers are at it again, as fifty six pages of a document pertaining to the Xbox 720 have surfaced recently with some very interesting information.

The document seems to indicate that a 2013 launch date could be set for the new console, the successor to the popular Xbox 360. Although it appears to be dated from 2010, it does contain some accurate information pertaining to current and future developments that we have already heard about, such as SmartGlass and Xbox TV apps. The 720 plans show Blu-ray support, a 3D output complete with your own pair of glasses, and increased sensor support.

They also promise increased quality, with a 6x performance increase and a 1080p output, in a vision that they predict will be the all-round entertainer: television, DVD and (at last) Blu-ray player, games console, and laptop connector – there should, according to Microsoft, be no need for any other elements in your living room once this is in place. The leaked document suggests that the console will have a ten year lifetime and a very impressive rate of sales.

Other revelations included in the leak include the development of a mystery product known as “Fortaleza” Kinect glasses – although there is no accurate description of the hardware involved, it seems to be a similar piece of technology to Google’s Project Glass. The augmented reality glasses will incorporate wifi or 4G, and are described as “breakthrough heads up and hands-free device,” with a release date in 2014. Looks like we will have to wait a little bit longer for that one, then.

After the leak, the document has already rather swiftly been taken down, with links to the original now pointing instead to a page that informs visitors that the document was removed by Covington & Burling LLP, an international law firm who look after Microsoft.

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