Norwich Man Repairs Tatooine

A man from Norwich by the name of Mark Cox has fulfilled his dream by travelling to the Star Wars planet of Tatooine to carry out some necessary repairs there to the Lars homestead, former residence of the one and only Luke Skywalker.

Of course, as all die hard Star Wars fans know, you do not have to go into space to get to Tatooine – you simply go to Tunisia. After going there to get married right out in front of Lars’ place in 2010 with his then-fiancée Sarah, they were shocked to see the poor condition that the building had fallen into, and decided to take action immediately. The rebel alliance does not stand for crumbling walls! On their return home they set up a Facebook campaign, asking friends and family to donate money to their cause so that the much needed repairs could be done.

The Hardest Thing

In just the space of one year, over four hundred donations added up to make £7,500. Mark said that it was “the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. But it was so humbling that people had trusted us with the money to do the work, and that they so wanted to help us.”

A group of six had planned to do their repairs last year, but unfortunately the Arab Spring uprisings meant that they had to postpone their trip. Fortunately they have now been able to make it out to the film set, working for four days alongside local labourers in temperatures of 50’C to get the job done. Now there are plans to release a DVD of their work and also write a book, in order to try and raise money for repairs in the future and to other parts of the set which also need attention.

Mark described Tatooine as “just captivating”.

Rhiannon D'Averc

Rhiannon is a professional writer specialising in a wide range of topics, in particular the world of film. She is also a keen photographer with countless outdoor shoots under her belt.

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