I Love You. I Know.

Love, Han Solo Style

Since we know that you, like us, really love to see a good bit of Star Wars customization, we know that you are going to love the assortment of items that we have found for you today! These make the perfect gift for that Star Wars fan in your life.

I Love You. I Know.First off is the matching his ‘n’ hers rings, based on no other than that greatest of all intergalactic couples, Han and Leia. You can have these simple aluminium frames engraved with the font of your choice – but what do they say? Well, of course, one says “I love you”, and the other “I know”. Smooth, Han. Real smooth.

I guess the range must have been kind of popular, because the same Etsy shop is now also offering a variation of other jewellery items engraved in the same way: you can get metal bracelets, cord bracelets, keyrings, wedding bands, and a silver version of the aluminium ones above. No excuses for not finding that perfect anniversary present now!

If you do not have any special someone in your life and want to treat yourself instead, do not feel left out. If you happen to have a spare $10,500 you could get your hands on a unique Han Solo in carbonite desk, like the one lucky bidder who bought the linked item at a charity auction. Yup, the full 10.5k went straight to charity, and somewhere, someone is tapping away at a laptop and putting down their morning coffee right on top of a replica of Han Solo’s contorted, frozen face.

You could always try getting one of these custom made from scratch if you feel upset about missing out on that one, but of course it will set you back a pretty penny. A small price to pay when it comes to being able to conduct business on top of Han Solo in carbonite for the rest of your vertical life!

Rhiannon D'Averc

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