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Carr Tax Evasion

It looks like a number of famous faces are soon to be facing reprimands from Revenue & Customs, as quite a few of them are currently under investigation for doing some decidedly dodgy tax things.

Jimmy Carr is one of the celebrities who has been named and shamed, with the comedian’s actions branded as “morally wrong” by David Cameron earlier today. His financial arrangements are apparently quite an elaborate design meant to evade tax, described as “very dodgy” by our esteemed PM, and certain members of the Take That band are also under fire for making some interesting investments that seem to have the same purpose.

Not everyone is happy with ol’ Dave wading in though, as one Labour backbencher put it: “Everyone should pay their tax but it is a bit rich for the prime minister to single out Jimmy Carr when he has friends like Lord Ashcroft [referring to a peer who was outed for not paying UK tax on overseas earnings].” It also seems as though Gary Barlow might be getting more than an OBE for his involvements in the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, as Cameron refused to comment on the allegations made against him, saying that “I am not going to comment on individuals in terms of what’s happening in a newspaper report,” despite having already made the Jimmy Carr statements. Well, that’s favouritism for you.

It remains to be seen whether any other celebrities will come out as involved in this scandal, and Jimmy Carr has yet to make any quips (which is a first). We would also like to apologise to any readers who thought they were about to view an article on how to get out of paying tax on their cars – that would of course be illegal, so we regret pulling you in with such an awful and immoral pun.

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