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If you enjoyed our previous feature in which we directed you over to the free mp3 offered by the boys from Turnpike Glow, you will be pleased to hear that their EP is out right now – it was released on Monday 11th, in fact. However, you can give it a cheeky little listen right now, over on the DIY page.

The EP is titled ‘Inflatable Optimism’, with a cheerful piece of cover art that features some orange fish floating amongst blue reeds. There are four tracks available, titled respectively ‘No More Dancing’, ’1986′, ‘Marie’, and ‘The Turn, the Pike, and the Glow’. ’1986′ was the free download that we alerted you to before, so it may be rather familiar to regular readers. It is still rather catchy and certainly dominates the EP – ‘No More Dancing’ is disappointingly forgettable, but ‘Marie’ picks it up a little and ‘The Turn, the Pike, and the Glow’ shows some promise. They could perhaps benefit from turning the volume up a little bit, but as far as early offerings go it is definitely nothing to be ashamed of.

As previously reported, the EP was mixed by Dave Newfeld (whose name you may recognise from his work with Broken Social Scene and Los Campesinos). It is now available to buy on bandcamp, and you can also check out the video for ‘The Turn, the Pike, and the Glow’ using the link above. It features the four piece strolling around some strange but rather normal locations and playing their instruments under flashing lights, doing their best to look like a strange mixture of some generic indie band who somehow formed a super group with members of Hot Chip and then decided to just play it totally cool and flip their hair around a bit. There is a brief sequence about halfway through featuring some launderette dancing that you will not want to miss.

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